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Our mission is to provide the highest professional service and work at competitive prices in our areas of expertise for our new and existing clients.

Experience matters
We have been in business over half a Century in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, also known as Sunrise Sheet Metal Inc.

Licensed and Insursed
We are fully licensed and insured General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, and Professional Engineers, ready to serve your needs. We maintain a fully equipped 7,500 square foot Metal Fabrication Shop as well as “in house” engineering services.

Our disciplines includes:

Professional Engineering Services

Facility legalization for Environmental, Fire, Life-Safety & Building Code Compliance

Safety and environmental site audits and inspections

Permit and Facility Licensing Services

Environmental Code Compliance

Environmental Site Assessments for Real Estate Purchases

Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Dust Hazard Analysis and Testing

Electronic Air Cleaners

Paint Spray Booths and Complete 

Finishing Systems

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Capture and Control Systems for Vehicle Exhausts

Welding Fume Capture and Control Systems

Other Specialty Fume Capture and Control Systems

Power Coating Finishing Systems