No dust collection system is complete without accessories

Below are some of the many accessories furnished with dust collection systems. 

Contact us if you require any assistance your dust collector components. 

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Duct Work

Donaldson Torit® Easy Duct™

Donaldson Torit® Easy Duct™ ductwork is flexible and easily connects to existing ductwork without tools saving you time when your floor plan changes.

Contact us if you need a quote on a few parts or an entire ducting system. 

Electrical Controls

Electrical controller systems allow dust collector operators to automate processes like pressure drop measurement, fan & motor speed and pulse-cleaning timers.  Electrical control panels come standard with U.L. listings.

Afterfilter Housings

HEPA Filters, Panel filters, safety filters, BIBO

HEPA filter systems provide an extra safety measure when air is recirculated back into the building. We offer different styles of safety filters, including Bag In Bag Out options for containment.  Contact us for your safety filter requirements. 

Fans and Motors

TBI Fan, blower, dust collector fan

The heart behind the dust collector which keeps the air moving. We offer different style fans depending on the application. 

Contact us for your fan or blower requirements. 

Rotary Valves

rotary airlock, air lock valve,

 Integrate a Rotary Valve into your dust collector to create a complete system that automatically and continuously transfers dust from the hopper to the conveying system or collection container. 

Dump Hoppers

Dust collector dump hopper

For applications requiring large dust storage, a dump hopper is placed on the bottom of the dust collector. We are able to furnish large dump hoppers for your dust collector if required. 

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