Whether you need a quote on a new dust collection system or service on your existing machine such as replacement filters or parts, ECI is here to help you.

We provide dust, fume, or mist collection equipment for all different types of applications.  

Industries we serve include - Pharmaceutical, Vitamin and Nutraceutical, Woodworking, Aviation, Aerospace, Food Processing, R&D Labs, Metal Working, Boat Manufacturing, Machine shops, Textiles, Educational Facilities, Welding Shops, Transportation Equipment, Cements and Grouts, and many more.

We provide many different styles of dust collection equipment and find the best one suited for your application. Our offerings include Cartride Collectors, Bag House Collectors, PowerCore Collectors, and Mist Collectors for all different types of applications.   

ECI also provides the latest mitigation strategies and recommendations in order to make sure your new or existing dust collection system is compliant to the most recent NFPA guidelines when dealing potential explosive dust hazards.  


ECI also provide all ancillary equipment and accessrories to go along with your dust collection equipment to include

UL Listed Control Panels and Motor Starters

Duct Work

Extraction Arms 

Exhaust Fans 

HEPA Safety Filters

Containment Systems 

Spark Detection and Suppresion Systems 

Fire Suppresion Systems 

Explosion Isolation Valves

Abort Gates

Rotary Air Lock Valves 

Explosion Relief Vents