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Nederman Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

For years, Nederman has been the leader in Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems.

Nederman has exhaust extraction systems to fulfill the specific needs of your fire station and suit your budget. No matter the size of your station, sizes/types of vehicles or frequency of operations.

We have the market’s widest range of products and systems, as well as extensive experience and knowledge in how to build the optimal solution.

Diesel exhaust is now classified in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, mustard gas, alcohol and tobacco. Extract these hazardous diesel fumes efficiently with Nederman vehicle exhaust extractors.

Diesel exhaust extraction

Diesel exhaust, found in every fire station, is produced when an engine burns diesel fuel. It is a complex mixture of thousands of gases and particles (soot) containing several toxic air contaminants. These include many known or suspected carcinogenic substances (benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde). It also contains other harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides. In the long term, repeated exposure is as dangerous as being subject to cigarette smoke. The exhaust spreads into the areas where firemen eat, sleep and reside. It even penetrates the clothes.

Studies have shown cancer rates among firemen are exceptionally high. Our vehicle exhaust systems can help reduce this rate.

Exhaust extraction directly from the tail pipe

These exhaust extraction systems from Nederman are designed specifically for emergency vehicles. The exhaust fumes are removed right from the tail pipe, which is the only effective way of doing it.  

Contact us for your emergency vehicle exhaust removal needs. 

Nederman exhaust removal system

Nederman exhaust removal system


For back in applications, low level and high level tail pipe options available.


For drive through and tandem applications. Available for low level and high level tail pipes.


For high level tail pipe back in applications only. 

MagnaTrack Green

For drive through and back in applications with lower demand. 

Pneumatic Systems

Available in Track and Rail Systems 


Crash truck rails intended for high level tail pipes for airport rescue trucks. Available for back in and drive through applications. 

Exhaust Removal Systems for automobiles and other general maintenance facilities.


Whenever there is a need to run combustion engine vehicles indoors, there is a need for vehicle exhaust extraction. It can be hard to realize how quickly vehicle exhaust emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels within a closed building. It’s actually only a matter of minutes. Repeated exposure to hazardous and carcinogenic exhaust fumes at lower levels can lerad to health effects over time.

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