Facts About Paint Spray Booths

Spray Booth Facts

Don't be fooled! 

Most “on line” advertised prices seem to be too good to be true, and may also be misleading as they may not address everything required that you might need.  

  1. Is the total shipping cost and applicable sales tax included in the price?
  2. Is the price quoted a “turn key” installation?
  3. Is your provider a licensed Contractor to perform installations and obtain ALL REQUIRED PERMITS, or just a manufacturer or a middle man?
  4. Are all applicable permits and inspections by all authorities included?
  5. Is your Provider also licensed to do the roofing work that may be required?
  6. Is your provider also a licensed Professional Engineer to sign and seal drawings?
  7. Is the fire suppression system and its installation included?
  8. Is any fire alarm work also required?
  9. Is the required make up air to replace the air exhausted from the facility by the spray booth properly addressed and does it need to be heated? (An overhead door or another existing exhaust fan will not meet the make up air requirement.)
  10. If heated air is required to facilitate drying, is it compliant with the OSHA regulations?
  11. Are all issues properly addressed for a worker to be within an OSHA confined space?
  12. Is an approved method for mixing and storage of paints or other chemicals included?
  13. Is the air compressor, and all other required compressed air work including oil and moisture removal, air filtration, and condensate management work all included?
  14. Is all electrical work including proper motor protection, the required electrical interlocks, and a required fan time delay shut down all included?
  15. Is the electrical installation and all electrical components in strict compliance with National Electric Code, NFPA, & OSHA for hazardous locations?
  16. Is the entire electrical installation an assembly “listed”  by an approved testing laboratory?
  17. Will the installation comply with all current and applicable zoning requirements?
  18. Will the booth, exhaust system, and make up air system meet newly modified hurricane wind and missile impact standards?
  19. Are there any other current Environmental restrictions at the job address that may apply?
  20. Are any special environmental licenses required due to the type of or quantity of materials proposed to be used?
  21. Will the installation comply with current set back requirements from all property lines?
  22. Will the installation comply with current required travel distances to facility exits?
  23. Are there any other special LOCAL REQUIREMENTS by any other authorities having jurisdiction that may also apply? 

 Before purchasing a paint spray booth, please contact us and get educated. 

We have been manufacturing as well as installing spray booths and complete wet paint as well as powder coating systems for over 55 years. 

We can ship world wide, are licensed to install anywhere in Florida, and accept most major credit cards. Financing including the installations are also available for those who qualify. 

Paint booth facts

Paint booth facts