Industrial Vacuums

ECI proudly carries the Nederman line of Industrial Vacuum Systems

The industrial vacuum systems fall under two categories. 

Portables and Central systems.

Nederman is globally recognized as the state-of-the-art manufacturer specialized in industrial vacuum cleaners for collecting and transporting dry or wet materials, masses and liquids.  

These heavy duty vacuum cleaners are for industries working in tough environments where the demands for sturdy and reliable high performing equipment are of the outmost importance. It may be on board offshore platforms, or on board oil tankers, in chemical industries dealing with explosive or hazardous materials, in food and pharmaceutical industries and wherever these demands .

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Nederman industrial vacuums, composites, sanding, grinding, sand blasting, source capture

Nederman industrial vacuums, composites, sanding, grinding, sand blasting, source capture

Portable Vacuums


Portable Vacuum Systems -  Offered in two types  

Air Powered - Air powered industrial vacuum cleaners have no moving parts, motors or pumps. They do not require electricity and provide enormous advantages for demanding operations in industry, shipping and offshore. The heavy duty vacuum cleaners are used to collect any industrial products or material such as liquids, dusts, grit, granulates and chips.   

The special design of Nederman ejectors ensures efficient vacuum and airflow output for the specified compressed air supply. The air powered Nederman industrial vacuums have a wide range of multi-purpose portable versions and vacuum transports for extraction of dry material and fine dusts, liquids and spillage. 

Electrical Powered - Electric powered industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to operate in difficult industrial conditions handling types of dry materials such as powders, dust, granulates, chips and grit as well as water and other liquids.  

Nederman's small and medium sized electric portable vacuum cleaners are used to solve difficult cleaning tasks and material transportation in industries like construction and building, offshore, composite, food, chemical and pharmaceutical. All vacuums are built from high quality electric motors and multistage turbine units. The motors have independent air cooling for increased service life. The units are waterproof, to prevent any moisture drawn through coming into contact with any electrical parts. 

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Nederman portable vacuum

Nederman portable vacuum

Central Vacuum Systems


Complete solutions with vacuum unit and filter

For a complete solution, an efficient vacuum/ filter unit is needed. Environmental Control Inc offers a range from compact units with vacuum unit, filters and start/stop equipment built in to larger systems made up of separate units. A central extraction system with pipework system for a large number of extraction points with different types of attachments for hand tools, welding torches combined with accessories of suspension arms, cleaning equipment and hose reels to make up turnkey solutions. Our specialists can help you to put together a complete solution including design, planning, installation and commissioning, as well as how to handle combustible dust.

Stationary systems

Nederman are experts in stationary systems where the extraction points are linked to pre-separators, filters and vacuum units via a pipework system. We have been planning and designing stationary systems since 1970s and can offer a complete solution including the pipework system and its associated components.  

Below are some of the features we offer with central vacuum systems.

Nederman Vacuum Reel Series 881

Industrial Vacuum Reels

Nederman series 881 Vac reel are designed for combustible dust applications. Available with 1.5" and 2" conductive hose. 

Energy Saving Valves

We offer everything from manual flap valves to automatic valves that open when a grinding machine or welding torch is in use and close it is switched off. They also start up the vacuum unit when needed and switch it off when nobody is using the system. 

At source nozzles and Tools

We offer an assortment of capture at source nozzles, hoods, and tools, to connect directly to the vacuum system.

Piping and Couplers

We provide all the necessary vacuum piping and couplings. 

Vacuum Mitigation Strategies

Some vacuum applications involve explosive dusts. We offer all necessary mitigation strategies on vacuum systems to make sure they are safe. 

Turn Key Solutions

We offer turn-key solutions, from start to finish for your central vacuum system.