Paint Spray Booths

Whether you need a quote on a new paint spray booth or you are looking to relocate, ECI is here to help you. 

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If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us about custom design options as well. All of our booths are designed to meet local building and fire code compliance. Don't be fooled by online catalogs, we provide everything that you will need. Ask the experts! We have been furnishing and installing booths for over 55 years! 


To comply with additional codes all spray booths either open face or enclosed where either combustible or flammable materials are sprayed must also have the following:

1. An approved fire suppression system with central station monitoring also required if the facility already is monitored by any type of  fire alarm or fire sprinkler system.

2. Approved maximum travel distances to facility exits to the outdoors. 

3. An approved exhaust system maintaining required clearance above the roof as well as the property lines as 

required by all authorities having jurisdiction.

4. An approved make up air system from the outdoors.

5. Compressed air for spraying interlocked with ventilation systems and fire suppression systems. 

6. An electrical installation with interlocks and time delays in compliance with the National Electric Code and NFPA.  Any electrical within the interior of a spray booth must be explosion proof and there are also special defined hazardous location electrical areas outside of the  booth as well.

7. OSHA compliance which may require breathable air for the booth operator if the spraying area is defined as an OSHA confined space. OSHA also no longer allows a paint booth to also be used at elevated temperatures for the purpose of  forced air drying.
(A separate drying chamber must now be used.)

8. Compliance with environmental regulations and all other authorities having jurisdiction. 
(Regulations vary greatly at different jurisdictions mainly due to different environmental & zoning issues.)

Paint Spray Booth

Paint Spray Booth