Welding Fume Collectors

ECI offers welding fume collectors and extractors along with total solutions to help make your workers safe.

Welding and cutting fumes cause health problems and negatively affect production. The result is reduced capacity, re-occurring disturbances and eventually decreased profit. Not only welders are at risk in unsafe environments. The production equipment, as well as end products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures. Automated welding equipment such as robots - and the operators - can be subject to residual welding fumes and also need to be protected. Good safety and health is good business. 


  • Improve workplace environment
  • Protect your workers health
  • Protect equipment and processes
  • Reduce production disturbances and improve profit

ECI offers everything from single welding fume extractors to complete welding fume extraction systems. 

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Welding fume collectors

Welding fume collectors


nederman filtercart

FilterCart Original mobile filter unit for light welding and extraction applications, includes Extraction Arm Original with an integrated spotlight, which optimizes the user-friendly design. If a larger working range is needed, the 3 m (10 ft.) long arm is recommended.

Easy to manouver
LED spotlight included, better light conditions for better welding result
Long lasting disposable filter with large filter surface
HEPA 13 filter optional available

​Filtercart Carbon is available for extraction of odors and organic vapors.

Filtercarts ship as a UL listed assembly. 


Nederman Filterbox welding fume collector

Flexible and modular portable welding fume and dust extractor that solves most common demands regarding welding fumes and non-combustible dust. Accessories can be attached to improve individual applications. Can be combined to work as a mobile unit or as a fixed mounted unit. 

Available in Manual cleaning, auto clean, twin (2) extractor arms, and wall mount versions.

Fume Eliminator

Fume eliminator portable welding fume collector

The Fume Eliminator is designed to be carried to the working area. Connected to a welding torch or to an extraction nozzle, the FE unit extracts the fume directly at source. FE 840 has a manual start/stop function while the FE 841 has an automatic start/stop function, which starts the unit as soon as the welding begins.
Portable and easy to carry. 

MFS - Modular Filter System

Nederman MFS Modular Filter System

The Modular Filter System simply solves the need of cleaning the air from particles, smoke, dust, gases and smells. The modular construction means that the system is suitable for both small workspaces and larger manufacturing works. By supplementing with Nederman fans, extraction arms and control boxes, you can build up a solution for every workplace. Typical applications are TIG and spot welding, laboratory extraction, food ingredients and odours and chemical handling.  


Benchtop Kits

Nederman Extractor Kit

Complete kits for extraction of soldering fumes and capturing of odors when gluing, or working with solvents.

The Bench Top extraction kits includes arm(s) with hood or nozzle, fan with speed control and standard filter (particle, HEPA or gas), hose, connection details, and table bracket. The speed of the fan is variably controlled by a speed controller. Complete with hoses and extraction hoods. The hood is made of clear plastic, which increases the visibility (not the ESD hood). Also available in an ESD version for the electronics industry. 24 different models to choose from with different bench top arms.